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Raptors unveil 20th anniversary logo - no word on Duran Duran performance

As most of you have seen by now, the Toronto Raptors unveiled their 20th anniversary logo a few days ago. Being in the middle of a move, I didn't have a chance to comment on this beauty so thought I'd throw it up this morning and get everyone's thoughts.

It's indeed got a retro look to it but I'm not sure it's a good one. I'll wait to see some jerseys but my first thought was some sort of Jem and the Holograms-AC/DC mash-up.

I'm a fan of bringing the purple back, and I'm hoping it finds it's way into the jerseys then, but the rest of it just looks like a marketing team that's had too much time on their hands.

From CEO and President of MLSE, Tim Leiweke on the logo: "This anniversary logo embodies the excitement of both the future and the past of Raptors basketball, but most importantly, it reminds us of the success and history we're working to create here."

Cool Tim.

I'm a fan of simplicity on logos like this so here's hoping that when the jerseys are revealed, they go for a more classic and less busy look. Luckily Leiweke noted to the media that the logo will be separate from the re-brand of the club that's been in the works for months so we may still see a Black and Gold Drake-ish take on the Raptors' theme.