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Raptors vs Heat Gameday Thread: "Truth Week"

Let's just say this coming week's slate of games should prove to offer a little more resistance than last week's for the Toronto Raptors, starting tonight in Miami against the Heat.

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Toronto Raptors vs Miami Heat

March 31, 2014

TSN - 7:30 PM EST

I dubbed last week "Trap Week."

And it very nearly was.

Despite the fact that the Dinos won three of the four games, the reciprocal was nearly true and the club almost gave away the bulk of their matches.

And now comes the real test. After a fairly lax schedule of opponents over the last few weeks, the Toronto Raptors face off against the Heat in Miami tonight before returning home to take on the Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers later on. They cap the week off against the fairly awful Milwaukee Bucks but despite that finish, I'm dubbing this "Truth Week."

By week's end I'm hoping we'll know if this past week was simply a club taking its collective foot off the gas pedal, or if there are much bigger problems to address as the Raptors head towards the playoffs.