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Thunder vs Raptors Gameday Thread: Raptors Need to Channel Mercer vs OKC

The Toronto Raptors look to play Cinderella tonight as they host the powerful Oklahoma City Thunder.

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Oklahoma City Thunder vs Toronto Raptors

March 21, 2014

Sportsnet One - 7:00 PM EST

I guess part of me is relieved.

I can now focus on the remaining games in the 2013-14 Toronto Raptors season.

But to lose in the first round of the tournament again? That's two losses in this manner in the last three years for Duke and while Mercer was the much better team on the day, I've gotta wonder a bit about the one-and-done strategy for Coach K. Jabari Parker was not only invisible on the afternoon, he was enough of a defensive liability that the Blue Devils repeatedly took him out in crunch time.

Which may give some NBA GM's pause.

Enough about Duke though as tonight, the Toronto Raptors are going to have to channel Mercer as they take on the much higher-seeded Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant and company have been one of the league's best again this season so the Dinos will need to pull off the upset to stay alive in the race for the East's third playoff spot.