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Raptors vs Hawks Gameday Thread: Looking for a W in the ATL

The Toronto Raptors are in Atlanta tonight to take on the fake-hot Hawks.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

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March 18, 2014

Sportsnet One - 7:30 PM EST

Sunday afternoon's match-up with the Phoenix Suns was a strange mix of fun, frustrating, and fury. The run-and-gun, high-scoring affair was certainly entertaining, but between the Raptors' lax D, and some highly suspect refereeing, it wasn't the finish fans were hoping for.

So tonight represents a chance to get even a little bit. It's a different club but a win is a win and the Toronto Raptors need to keep some distance between themselves and the, pardon the pun, hard-charging Chicago Bulls.

The Atlanta Hawks are coming into this one winners of four straight so they're on a roll. Kind of. Problem is they lost 14 of their previous 15 matches prior to that, and the wins have been against Utah, Milwaukee, Denver and Charlotte, aka, "Riggin' for Wiggins," "Sorry for Jabari," "Wreck-some for Exum" and "Thank God We Play in the East."


Let's just get this win.


PS - Shouldn't Kyle Korver play for Toronto? Doesn't he look like a Dinosaur in this photo from the Hawks' website?