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Groupies, Trailer Park Boys, and more from Terrence Ross' Reddit Chat

The Toronto Raptors guard dishes on everything from his favourite movie to Coach Casey's pet peeve.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

More and more, NBA players are using various forms of social media to connect with their fans.  From Twitter to Facebook, interacting through these sort of mediums have become almost the norm but not too often do you see players participate in live-chat type discussions, especially outside of their team's own websites.

However yesterday Terrence Ross took part in a very entertaining Reddit chat with fans and NBA enthusiasts that offered an extremely close-up look at the Toronto Raptors' sophomore guard.  From his favourite movie - He Got Game - to Dwane Casey's pet peeve - one-handed passes - fans had a chance to ask Ross all manner of things on and off-court.

Some of the highlights included Ross mentioning that he'd like to be working in forensic science if he wasn't playing basketball, that his one star-struck moment was guarding Kobe Bryant, that Kyle Lowry calls out nearly every play opponents are running during games, that the whole "post-game groupie thing" is a myth, and that he'd like Brooklyn as a first-round playoff opponent.

Ross even threw out a Rush and a Trailer Park Boys reference, used the Canadian spelling of various words throughout the chat and laughed at a commentor's Andrea Bargnani joke!

It's definitely worth a perusal so if you haven't seen it yet, and hats off to Ross for participating in such a forum.