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Raptors vs Cavs Gameday Thread: 7 Up

The Toronto Raptors head to Cleveland looking to go seven games above .500 as they face the Cavs tonight!

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

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Toronto Raptors vs Cleveland Cavaliers

February 25, 2014

TSN - 7:00 PM EST

How does it feel right now to be a fan of the New York Knicks?

The club is awful despite having post-season expectations to start the year, the Andrea Bargnani experiment is a disaster (shocking!) and now there's the whole "#RaymondFeltonwithagat" angle.

Not good.

But how about being a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers? Is this possibly worse? The team didn't quite have the post-season expectations of the Knicks, but certainly was expected to be a lot more competitive, and have a bright future thanks to a recent stockpile of lottery picks.

And...yeah...we know how this story turned out.

Now comes the news that Kyrie Irving may be looking to jet from Cleveland at the end of the season and...yeah, not good. While the Knicks may be more of a financial mess, their market ensures they'll never have to worry too much about recruitment etc.

Tonight the Toronto Raptors take the court in Cleveland to play said underwhelming, and currently, undermanned, squad.

I don't expect it to be pretty for Cavs' fans.