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NBA All-Star DeMar DeRozan Gets His Own Theme Song

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

If you're an NBA All-Star, you need to have your own theme song right?

Well Toronto MC Crossword has provided Raptors' swingman, and newly minted All-Star, DeMar DeRozan, with just that in an excellent little piece of wordplay and production, as can be seen below:

From Crossword on the creation of the track:

As a token of appreciation and recognition for the T.O. Hammer's breakout season, Toronto emcee Crossword (of Vibonics) linked up with producer JU$TUNLTD for this tribute track, aptly titled "DeMar DeRozan," mastered at the Kilzone by Juno nominee Fresh Kils. While Crossword is no stranger to athlete anthems (2011's "Zach Randolph" and "Bang It Like Bautista"), this one has another layer of depth to it. In highlighting the hustle one must possess to rise in the Association, he makes constant comparisons to the life of an independent artist, on the road trying to make a name for themselves. If you peer close enough, the parallels abound.

But this isn't about Crossword. It's about DeMar, his grind and dedication that have let to his awesome season. Ball don't lie.

You can follow Crossword on Twitter at @CrosswordMC