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The First Episode Of Open Gym's New Season Shows Masai Ujiri's Trip To Africa, And Much More

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Amir Johnson, Raptors staff team building exercises, and much more.

If you missed it earlier this week, our own Chris Walder reviewed the first episode of Open Gym, Season 3, which you can check out here. The episodes are being uploaded each Friday to YouTube, and we'll be sure to link them here.

I'm a huge fan of the Open Gym series, because as a fan, it really helps heighten the whole "We The North" movement that's going on with the Raptors, but also gives us a behind the scenes look at just how tight knit this group is. And it's not just the players, it's the coaches, the front office, everyone. There's a tone from the top that's evident.

(BTW, I noticed the video goes to black screen after each segment of about 10 minutes, I assume this might be a raw feed upload, so when the screen goes black, just fast forward it for about a minute and the next segment will come on.)