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What's on the Raptors Pre-Game Playlist?

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The Raptors dish on their preferred music choices before game time comes around.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with CBC Music, a bunch of the Raptors gave a little insight on what music makes up their pre-game playlist.

Terrence Ross was first, and after mentioning both Kendrick Lamar and O.T. Genasis, also praised Toronto's native son Drake, and his most recent track, "6 God". Jonas Valanciunas also enjoys "O.J. Gennessey" and provided us with that cheeky Jonas grin that you gotta love.

Greivis Vasquez listens to salsa and music with a Latin flavour pre-game, connecting to his South American roots. He says it helps him get into a rhythm.

Amir Johnson's selection of Disclosure and Sam Smith's "Latch" was a surprise to me, but an absolutely wonderful choice. You can't hear that song without picking up the good vibes it exudes.

DeMar DeRozan's go to is "Feelin' It",  by the one and only Jay-Z. The track is a classic, and who doesn't love the piano riff on the beat in a hip hop track?

Patrick Patterson, who you could call the Raptors' pop culture connoisseur, also has a very diverse taste in music. From Motown, 90's R&B, today's popular rap/hip hop and even classic rock like Nirvana, 2Pat listens to it all. And by far the best choice, when going against the NBA's elite, Pat goes to the sweet, sensual pipes of the one and only Barry White.

What other songs do you think the Raptors listen to?