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The Official Toronto Raptors Christmas Wishlist

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Here's a Raptors rundown of what each player on Toronto's squad should be wishing for this Christmas.

Besides the greatest gift of all for the Raptors, which would have been a showcase game on Christmas Day, here's what each player probably has on their Christmas list:

Tyler Hansbrough - A layup.

DeMar DeRozan - A quick recovery and a clean bill of health following his nasty groin tear at the end of November. Get well soon DeMar!

Amir Johnson - Let's just say Amir would be down for bionic legs.

Landry Fields - As well as continuing his stellar play in the absence of DeRozan, no Christmas could be complete for Landry without a new PS Vita.

Kyle Lowry - After being wrongfully snubbed last season, we all know Kyle Lowry is gunning not just for a place on the All-Star team, but wishing for that starting spot.

Patrick Patterson - 2Pat is the biggest movie buff in the Association and has said that Man on Fire and Denzel Washington are his favourite film and actor, respectively. I'm sure Pat would love to star in a film opposite his Hollywood idol, and who says no to a "He Got Game 2" starring Denzel and the Patman?

Greg Stiemsma - Some new bench celebrations. While his go to three-point "fishing rod cast" is a solid move, adding some new actions to the arsenal wouldn't hurt.

Bruno Caboclo - To get to the scorer's table without running into this guy.

Greivis Vasquez + Lou Williams - For the light to remain green on unlimited shots. #HeatChecks

Jonas Valanciunas - An episode of Inside the NBA where Chuck pronounces his name right.

Bebe Nogueira - A regular Raptors update segment on SportsCentre.

Terrence Ross - Another 50 point game in the near future.

Chuck Hayes - Santa Chuck doesn't need anything, he's content to just give.

James Johnson - To keep cocking back joints and banging on 'em.

Merry Christmas everyone!