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Discuss: Drake and The New Raptors Logo

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If you are all about the drama about the team's new logo rollout, this post is for you.

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Mike Coppola/Getty Images

As you know by now, the Raptors rolled out their new logo last Friday to a mixed response (Personally: I think it looks fine. It's safe instead of ambitious, which might have been better than whatever the alternative would have been).

The discussion picked up over the weekend, when Drake responded to a tweet to basically distance himself from the whole thing:

Kelly wrote an article about the whole ordeal yesterday, which you can read in full here. Two key points:

  • Drake was upset by the botched release on Friday in which the logo was released, then pulled back, and replaced by a black and white image, causing some momentary confusion. He's also upset that they didn't go with a full rebrand and move the black and gold scheme -- which is mostly associated with his OVO brand -- as the primary colors of the team. Instead, in a press release, the team announced that color scheme would be an alternate uniform.
  • The MLSE folks brought in Drake at a time when the franchise was expected to go through an extended rebuild, but have since pushed him to the side as the team has become successful in the short-term and the We The North branding has taken off. Also, and I assume most of you already know this: Drake's relationship with the team was mostly Tim Leiweke's doing, and Leiweke is, of course, on his way out
The relationship between Drake and the Raptors have always interested me because I want to know the end game. If it was to help push the rebrand of the team, then it appears that's not really going to happen, since Drake has quickly moved to disassociate himself from it, or at least take responsibility or defend the logo. It'll be interesting (for those who care, and it's completely understandable if some of you don't care at all about Drake's affiliation with the team) to see Drake's involvement going forward, aside from showing up court side and ticking Bruno. At the very least, he will figure prominently for next year's All-Star Weekend in Toronto. Beyond that? Who knows.

By the way, this appears to be a photo of Drake's Mitchell & Ness collaboration.