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Is This The New Raptors Logo?

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A new We The North video and Facebook picture has fans curious.

The Toronto Raptors re-brand could be coming sooner than expected.

Earlier today, the Raptors' Twitter posted a new "We The North" ad. At 0:24, the We The North flag is replaced by a different one, showing a revamped Raptors logo. Above you'll see a screenshot of the flag, here's the ad itself.

Later, a post went up on the team's Facebook page with the image below. A full-colour version of the same logo was posted first, but quickly deleted.

On Wednesday, Drake hinted at the Raptors re-brand for next season, saying "I think people are going to be floored with what we have in store next season..."

There has been no confirmation by the organization (yet) that this is, in fact, the new Toronto Raptors main logo. But if it is, what do you think?

Update, 1:52 EST: Eric Koreen at the National Post is confirming the full colour version linked to above is, in fact, the new logo.