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My 20 Favorite Moments From Drake Night II

I wasn't even there.

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One. Drake revealing before the game that the Raptors were getting a full rebrand next season. As long as they don't take down the inaugural season banner, I'm down with whatever he has up his sleeves.

Two. Drake referencing Drake lyrics.

Three. Mark Jones of ESPN referencing Drake lyrics and getting them right, kind of.

Four. Drake introducing the starters and comparing Terrence Ross to Kurupt. Here's a side by side, I can kind of see it. But I also think Bruno looks like Nas.

Five. The Raptors won.

Six. Drake on ESPN re his Kentucky airball: "It was a very legendary airball. I'm very proud of it."

Seven. Drake referring to Silver but called him Sterling instead. Lifetime ban coming. Hell of a run, my man.

Eight. Paul Pierce scoring zero points in this game. Jason Kidd not being in attendance. This rivalry is heating up.

Nine. Bebe interviewed Bruno before the game. Please set aside five minutes to read the full transcript.

Ten. Traitor.

Eleven. My mom messaging me in the third quarter to ask who Drake was. I'm shopping the full transcript of our conversation to several major news outlets. Stay tuned. My big break in writing has finally arrived.

Twelve. People selling the shirts on eBay already!

Thirteen.ESPN insisting on bringing up old wounds.

Fourteen. BRUNO! With a great feed to Patrick Patterson who missed the dunk. Also, when the Raptors got the ball back with 25 seconds left. I think I saw Kyle Lowry and Chuck Hayes tell the guys to not shoot, since I think everyone was eager to get Bruno a look. If I read that moment correctly, that's some great advice from two veterans on the team. You don't want to humiliate other teams even if you're nine games up on them in the standings.

Fifteen. The Brooklyn Nets Twitter account trying to come at us:

Sixteen. We tweet for the nights we can't remember:

Seventeen. Bruno deciding to just come in the game without checking in.

Eighteen. This headline.

Nineteen. Even the mascot and dance crew getting into Drake Night mode.

Twenty. I have nothing else. 20 is just such a nice round number for a list.

Conclusion: Every night should be Drake Night.