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We Made It: Raptors on CBC's The National

The Raptors get covered on CBC's top-rated news programme after analytics suggest a guaranteed playoff spot.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Hey look, everyone! The Raptors were on The National last night.

For our American friends, The National is Canada’s nightly national news programme. The anchor, Peter Mansbridge, has been hosting since time itself began. Most of us consider him a father (or grandfather) figure. He transcends Canadiana.

The news segment itself doubles as a bare bones guide to the Raptors’ success, so you finally have that clip you need to explain to your parents why you haven’t changed out of your DeRozan jersey in a month.

Yes, this is just another sign of recognition for the Raptors, and an affirmation of what a glorious November this has been. 13-2 and counting, folks. It’s the real deal.