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Discuss: Have The Raptors Been Lucky So Far This Season?

What do you think?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Raptors are 13-2. Since the Rudy Gay trade, they're 54-24. But still, many have pointed out that their schedule has been easy or at the very least: favorable. So, does that mean their fast start has simply been due to luck and less about what this team's true potential?

As I wrote earlier this week, the Raptors are taking care of business, and that part shouldn't be discredited despite the potential strength of opponents. An easy portion of the schedule is only that if you actually win the games you're supposed to. We've all seen teams fails to capitalize on the easier parts of the 82-game schedule, just as we've seen teams surprise us as they navigate through the more difficult portions of the regular season.

13-2 means the Raptors are in prime position to win the Atlantic Division, as no other team in the division is over .500 at the moment. I mean, the rest of the division has a combined 14 wins. That's a great cushion to have this early in the season. Does it mean the Raptors are suddenly championship contenders? I don't think so. But that's okay too. We won't know how far this team can go until the playoffs. Until then, let's hope they continue to play well, clean up some of their mistakes and remain healthy. I'll leave you with a few thoughts from DeMar DeRozan, and let you discuss this in the comments.