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Patrick Patterson and Michael Bradley Play Against Each Other in... FIFA?

Patrick Patterson and Toronto FC's Michael Bradley shoot the breeze and play some FIFA 15

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Derek Jeter's retirement venture, The Players Tribune, threw up a cool video of Patrick Patterson & Michael Bradley chilling out and playing some FIFA 15.

Surely taking a page out of Seinfeld's book with "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee", this video, aptly named "Athletes on Couches Playing Video Games" is a great two minute watch.

After meeting and bonding over this past World Cup, the two guys sat down and picked the teams. Patterson has obviously grown to love the city. So, when Bradley asks him who his team is, Pat responds with an enthusiastic "Oh you already know! TFC!"

The two joined up to play together and battle the Montreal Impact in an All-Canadian affair. Bradley told Patterson he would need to be carried, and 2Pat didn't fail as he netted all three goals in the match. After the first goal by virtual Bradley, and setting off the "point at the name on the back of the jersey" celebration, the Real Bradley exclaimed "I would never do that! I'd never do that in a game!", which got a real good chuckle out of 2Pat.

Post game, Patterson told Bradley to keep practicing, so they could face off next time. Who would you like to see Pat face off against in his next video game battle?