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How Many Days Have The Raptors Been 10 Games Over .500 In Franchise History?

Short answer: not too many days. Precise answer: see below.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Raptors moved to 12-2 last night with a home win over the Phoenix Suns, which begs the important question: how many days have we, as fans of the team, spent with a Raptors squad that's been at least 10 games over .500?

(Un)fortunately, given the history of this franchise, the research didn't take too long. Here it is:

  • 2000-01 season, 13 days: the team moved to 43-33 with a 108-100 win over the Orlando Magic on April 6 and remained 10 games over .500 for the rest of the season, closing the season on April 18 with a 98-92 home win over the Washington Wizards to finish at 47-35.
  • 2006-07 season, 13 days: Mirroring the season above, the Raptors moved to 43-33 on April 6 with a 94-85 road win at Philadelphia, and remained 10 games over .500, finishing at 47-35 again after losing to the same 76ers at home on April 18.
  • 2013-14 season, 23 days: On March 14, the Raptors moved to 37-27, but would lose two nights later to fall to 37-28. They wouldn't get back to 10 games over .500 until March 28, when they beat the Celtics to move to 41-31. From there on, they stayed 10 games above, finishing the season on April 16 by losing to the Knicks, ending with a 48-34 record.
  • This season, 2 days: counting last night and today.

So, key takeaways:

  • That's 51 days for a team that's in its 20th season.
  • If someone tells you "stop getting all giddy in November, act like you've been there before", it's factually correct to tell them you've actually never been here before, since the earliest you've ever seen the Raptors be 10 games over .500 would be March.
  • Most importantly: holy shit, this is a lot of fun right now.