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Raptors Take On Heat Tonight, Look To Improve To 3-0

A chance to sweep the Florida road trip, and stay undefeated tonight.

Mitchell Leff

Team records: both teams are 2-0.

Where to watch: the game will be on TSN2.

The Raptors play the second game of a back-to-back tonight against the Miami Heat. After a victory at home against the Atlanta Hawks followed by a (relatively) comfortable win over the Orlando Magic last night, the Raps will look to stay undefeated.

After tonight's game, the team has 10 of its next 14 games at home, so about as much emphasis you can put on a third game of the regular season, it would be huge for them to move to 3-0 and position themselves for a really, really good start.

The Heat have looked just fine without LeBron James after two games. Chris Bosh, as the new number one option on this team, has put up two huge games: 26 points, 15 rebounds and four assists against the Wizards followed by 30 points, eight rebounds and four assists in Philadelphia last night. Let's see how we deal with him tonight.

An early Eastern Conference litmus test for the Raptors. Let's see what happens.

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