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To Lou or Boo: Who are the Top Raptors Rivals?

To cheer Raptors fans up after the debacle against Chicago, here's a little game that can help train fans in the finer points of Lou-ing and Boo-ing.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

We could all use some cheering up after last night's debacle against Chicago. If we're being honest, the Bulls are a hard team to dislike; Pau Gasol seems nice, Joakim Noah is chill, and Derrick Rose is trying, man. Even Coach Thibodeau, who appears at first as an angry mound of a man, is actually more like a real life Ben Grimm up close.

Still, Raps fans need to blow off some steam.

In the early going of the season, two consistent fan reactions have occurred at Raptors games (besides the typical cheers and jeers for plays good and bad). First, the fans are not ready to forgive Paul Pierce, he of the infamous Game 7 block. Second, Toronto is ready to embrace it's own LOOOOOUUUUU cheer, thanks to the spit-fire play of Lou Williams.

Because the Internet is ready for anything, here's a handy game, created by Toronto developer Antonio Rodriguez, that can train any fan in the finer points of Lou-ing or Boo-ing. Just a heads up, the game can be completed so you should know when you'll be properly conditioned to unleash an appropriate Lou or Boo. (This is important)

The game got me thinking, however: Who else should be included? Who are the best individual Raptors rivals or villains of all time? Who's antagonized the team the most? Who do we greet with the harshest of boos?

I know the obvious answers are already on your tongue (Vince, Bosh, etc.) but I'm sure we could fill out a roster, right?

Play the game, think about it and then Fan Shot your answers (with video evidence if possible) and the HQ will share them on Facebook.