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DeMar DeRozan Takes Over Klipsch's Twitter Account to Do Fan Q&A

DeRozan took part in some off-court activity -- helping out as an endorser of Klipsch Canada, by answering some fan questions on Twitter.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Semi-recently minted All-Star DeMar DeRozan is only just beginning to build his brand off the court with endorsement deals. One such company to come calling has been Klipsch Canada. Yesterday, DeRozan took part in a Twitter Question and Answer period for Klipsch and gave us some fun stuff to read while we distract ourselves from the anxious wait for tonight's TNT game.

Twitter takeovers are generally quite fun. Athletes have the liberty of picking out questions they find interesting and are comfortable answering. Here were a couple of the highlights, along with some commentary from me (even though no one asked):

Straight disrespect to Nicola Vucevic and Taj Gibson, although Swaggy P is the man.

Incorrect answer -- it was a trick question and the right answer is "I don't listen to anything but Drake." Failed that test, DD.

Me too, totally by accident.

Gary Forbes would like a word.


There are some other goodies in there so definitely check out the link above.

If I had the option of asking questions, here are some of the things I'd ask. Don't judge me.

1. "Who on the Raptors follows the most ladies on Twitter?"

2. "Why does Jonas always look angry?"

3. "What do you and Bruno talk about?"

4. "What do you and Greg Stiemsma talk about?"

5. "What does Kyle Lowry smell like?"

6. "How can one donate an ankle to Amir Johnson?"

Anything else you'd ask? Bonus points for comedy!