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Game Thread: Preseason Begins! Raptors and Kings in Vancouver Tonight

Basketball is back, basketball is back, basketball is back, basketball is back, basketball is back, basketball is back. BTW, basketball is back.

David Ramos

The preseason begins tonight, as the Raptors play the Sacramento Kings in Vancouver. The two teams will meet again later this week.

Game time: 7:00 pm est

Where can I find the game: on TSN2 and TSN 1050 if you're listening in on the radio.

It's unclear how much the starters will play, since this is preseason, but it will be the first time Jonas Valanciunas and DeMarcus Cousins will face off since their international incident at the FIBA World Cup this summer.

Ahead of the game, if you missed it, do check out our own Daniel Reynolds on the films the Raptors should watch, and catch up on all of our media day coverage from earlier this week here. Also, Eric Koreen has a great piece on the relationship between DeMar DeRozan and Amir Johnson and Amir's future with the team.

Oh, and this:

Basketball is back! Discuss away.