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We Are, in Fact, in Kansas: Raptors vs. Thunder in the Preseason

A look at tonight's preseason matchup between the Western Conference powerhouse Oklahoma City Thunder and the Toronto Raptors, in Wichita, Kansas.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Preseason Records: OKC: 2-2, TOR 4-1

Game Time: 8 PM EST. NBATV Canada will carry OKC's broadcast.

Are the real games here yet? While I remain anxious for the regular season to start, I do think it's cool for some of the non-NBA markets to get some basketball in their cities. After being in Vancouver to face the Kings, and Maine to face the Celtics, the Raptors head to the midwest to take on the Oklahoma City Thunder in Wichita, Kansas.

Nothing like Friday night basketball in Wichita, as the saying goes, or something like that.

It's our first look at a real contender this season, so let's see what the Thunder have been up to. Kevin Durant is out for the foreseeable future with a foot injury, so it'll be Russell Westbrook's time to shine. Wait, who cares about that -- did someone say Steven Adams?

Okay, that's awesome. The stache even has multiple twitter accounts, like this and this. Want some more Steven Adams awesomeness?

Suddenly pretty excited to watch this game. When Jonas Valanciunas faced an Adams-less New Zealand squad at the FIBA World Cup, the Kiwis didn't have the size to match up against JV and as a result, got torched in the paint. Evidently, Mr. Adams is more than just a source of comic relief. Here's what he's been up to prior to OKC's most recent preseason game.

Jonas vs. Adams will be a fun face-off in limited minutes. Elsewhere, I have to be honest, I was pumped to see the titanic matchup -- KD vs. BRAZILIAN KD. I'd have heckled Dwane Casey at a home game this year if he didn't let Bruno Caboclo go toe to toe with Kevin Durant in a preseason game, so while it's unfortunate that Kevin Durant's out for an extended period of time, at least I won't have my hopes and dreams crushed by Coach Casey.

On the injury front, hopefully we get to see Bebe Nogueira and Bebe Nogueira's afro get some game time while the stakes are still low.

Go Raps! Let's head to the comments.