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Raptors Grind Out Win Against Boston 92-89 Thanks To A Late Lou Williams Three

Lou Williams hit a go-ahead three late in the fourth quarter to save us from preseason overtime.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Lou Williams saved everybody from the living hell that is pre-season overtime, as he hit a go-ahead triple with less than a second remaining in regulation to give the Raps their third straight victory this preseason:

Not much to praise tonight as very similar to Monday night, almost every player was missing their shooting stroke, besides Williams, who looked very sharp tonight as he scored 15 points on four for 11 from the field and six of seven at the line while slicing and dicing through the Celtics defense.

Lowry vs. Smart was very short lived, as Kyle didn't see the floor after the first quarter, but things did get heated early as chasing a loose ball a slight hip check from Lowry prompted Smart to give him quite the shove towards the sidelines. That put a charge into Lowry, who proceeded to play like a man possessed for the rest of the quarter, giving the Raps a jolt to get going.

Also there was a #BrunoSighting as he started in place of DeMar DeRozan who took the night off to rest. While looking confused and being late on defensive rotations, Caboclo did use his length to recover and even recorded a steal.

Aside from Lou's three, another highlight in the game came from Terrence Ross, who had a sick slam in the first quarter:

We've finally passed the mid-way point of the preseason, and the anticipation for October 29th will only keep building from here.

Anybody else watch and follow the game tonight and have any observations?