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Game Thread: The Raptors Venture to MSG to Take on the Knicks

The Raptors face off against the New York Knicks tonight at 7:30 in the first contest of a three game road trip.

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Preseason Records: NYK 1-1, TOR 2-1

Game Time: The Toronto Raptors are in NYC today as the rest of us Canadians laze away the Thanksgiving weekend. What is that thing in turkey that makes you sleepy, anyway?

Thanks guys.

The good news for the Raptors is a near-full squad ready to go for tonight's game with Greg Stiemsma cleared to play after passing the NBA's baseline concussion test.

The bad news? Bebe Nogueira is still out with a groin strain. And the aforementioned potential for turkey hangovers.

Just as many of you met up with your families this weekend, keep an eye open for the team's emotional reunion with former Raptors Jose Calderon, Andrea Bargnani and Quincy Acy. I've been trying to decide all weekend how thrilled Jose must be to be playing with Andrea again. Bargs seems like a fun teammate.

Oh, there's one last thing I'm forgetting: where to watch the game. The answer? Nowhere. You can't see it on local TV or hear it on the radio. I'll save you the philosophical question of whether or not that means the game actually exists. I know it exists. You know how I know? Quincy has the answer:


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Shit doesn't get much more real than that. Consider today officially renamed to Chris Smith Columbus Day.

Hope everyone is still awake. Let's get to the comments.