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Ford Motors to Stick with Maple Leaf Square Name

After the news of Maple Leaf Square's renaming, the feedback was swift and merciless. Today, the Ford Motor Company does an about face on the naming of the public space.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

You have to feel a bit sorry for the Ford Motor Company.

They didn't know one hundred years ago or so that they'd eventually be stuck in this unfortunate naming quagmire. The name "Ford" was always supposed to be a symbol of industry and excellence for the company.

Now, usually it's hard to feel sorry for a corporation - let alone an automobile manufacturing corporation - but, Torontonians are just a bit sensitive about the Ford name right now.

After reports surfaced that Maple Leaf Square - the home of Raptors' and Leafs' victory celebrations (and monstrous Game 7 defeats) - would be renamed Ford Square, the people were... un-pleased.

But now, having acknowledged the PR nightmare that comes with anything remotely related to Rob and Doug Ford, the storied Ford Motor Company has changed course.

As the Maple Leafs' website reports:

As part of the agreement, the open area outside Gate 5 at Air Canada Centre which has become home to some of the greatest fan celebrations in recent memory during Leafs and Raptors playoff runs - will be named the "Ford Fan Zone at Maple Leaf Square". Ford is committed to elevating the overall fan experience at the Ford Fan Zone by creating the ultimate viewing destination for Toronto sports fans.

So rest easy sports fans. Instead of having to experience the indignity of hanging out in plain, old Ford Square, we can now luxuriate in the mega epic Ford Fan Zone at Maple Leaf Square.

It's a name so long and ungainly that everyone will have to shorten it to just Maple Leaf Square.

Crisis averted.