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Raptors vs Heat Gameday Thread: Dinos Look to Take Down Another Top Club

The Toronto Raptors face off against the Miami Heat tonight as the Raps look for a sixth straight win.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

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January 5, 2014

TSN - 6:00 PM EST

Can the Raptors win six in a row? Is this 2006?

Unbelievably, the Toronto Raptors are indeed a win away from winning six straight thanks to Friday night's win over the Washington Wizards, as well as obviously their recent play. The team has taken down some tough foes as well and tonight's contest is no exception.

It's the Toronto Raptors vs the Miami Heat in Miami as the Dinos take on LeBron James and co. for the third time this season. The Raptors lost 90 to 83 last time these clubs met and were beaten by an even larger score in their first meeting but both were with Rudy Gay in tow.

The new and improved Raps want to show the dreaded Heat just how far they've come and get the chance tonight.

I'm sitting this one out but Sarah Nolette is in the house keeping things rolling.