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RaptorsHQ Promotion: Steven Lebron Volume 1 Now Available for Order!

Last night, the Vince Carter retrospective was in full effect.

Carter and his Dallas Mavericks took on the Toronto Raptors in what might be Carter's final, or near-final, visit to the place he once called home, the Air Canada Centre.

Copious articles were written on the subject of Vince and his legacy, Sportsnet did an entire piece on the subject (which was very well done as an aside), and I even threw in my two cents via the Toronto Star.  Carter may not have played in a Raptors' uniform in nearly a decade, but his departure from Toronto still evokes plenty of emotion from the Raptors' fanbase.

One such fan is Alex Wong, a longtime HQ reader who recently published a collection of his sports writing. Wong devotes a good chunk of his book to Carter and his impact on the city of Toronto, and it's a compelling read, bringing you back to the time when seeing Carter take the court in purple and white was enough to instill chills.

Some words on the book from Alex:

"Steven lebron volume 1" collects the sports writing of Alex Wong with original art illustrations from a long list of talented artists. Sample layouts and details regarding the contributors and table of contents can be found here.

Alex is the creator of the sports and culture blog steven lebron, and has contributed to The Classical, Hardwood Paroxysm and various other sites. His basketball writing has been featured at Yahoo!'s "Ball Don't Lie" blog and ESPN's True Hoop blog.

This book project has been recommended by J.E. Skeets of NBA TV's The Starters, featured at Yahoo's "Ball Don't Lie", and positive feedback from the basketball and sports writing community.

The book is available for purchase for a limited time at the online store here. Copies will be available until Friday January 24th and the book is expected to ship in February.

If you have any questions, contact Alex on Twitter or via email.

We're going to be giving away a few copies of the book in the coming weeks here at the HQ, so stay tuned for that, or better yet, get your order in right now for a copy of this terrific read!