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Bucks vs Raptors Gameday Thread: Dinos Welcome the "Greek Freak"

The Toronto Raptors look to keep their home winning ways alive, while extending the Milwaukee Bucks' five-game streak of misery...

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

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January 13, 2014

TSN - 7:00 PM EST

Larry Sanders is single-handily killing my fantasy team.

First he starts the season at slightly less than his 2012-13 season levels, then, when I'm wondering about trading him, he goes and gets into a bar fight and breaks his hand rendering his trade value a bit on the useless side.

And what the hell was with this fight to begin with? Was Inspector Gadget on the scene and he suddenly said "Go Go Gadget Oil Slick?"

Annnnnyways, Sanders is back, but he's hardly the guy I thought I was drafting and...

...enough venting Adam.

Sanders and the Bucks are in TO tonight to try and snap a five-game losing streak and show some semblance of the squad that many thought would actually compete for a spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs this year.

Oh...and Raptors fans also get their first look at some kid known as...ahhh...the Greek Freak??!!