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Raptors 2013-14 Media Day this Coming Monday - Submit Your Questions!

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The Toronto Raptors 2013-14 Media Day is this coming Monday, September 30.

The date always marks the start of a new season in many ways, as immediately afterwards, the club heads to training camp, then into the NBA's pre-season schedule, and off we go.

This will be a very interesting edition of Media Day for our crew too, the first we'll be attending that won't have Bryan Colangelo as the team's head decision-maker. In years past, BC's speech from the throne so to speak, was always a highlight as it set various narratives for the remainder of the season, be it "this is the best Raptors' team on paper," or "we have a plan in place."

Now, Masai Ujiri gets to take his turn at setting the tone for the upcoming season, one, that's filled with more questions than answers.

But it's questions that we want!

While we may not be able to ask them all based on timing and player availability, as we've done in years past, please submit your queries in the comments section below, and we'll do our best to provide you with some answers early next week. Who knows, we might get some markedly different types of responses this year, than in years past.

After all, the team now has Tyler Hansbrough...