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Report: Toronto to Host 2016 NBA All-Star Game



So remember that whole vision of Tim Leiweke's about bringing the NBA All-Star Game to Toronto, etc, etc?

It looks like that dream may be becoming a reality.

The Toronto Sun is reporting that Toronto will be hosting the 2016 NBA All-Star Gala. Nothing official yet from MLSE or the Raptors, but according to the Sun's Ryan Wolstat:

Multiple sources told the Toronto Sun Tuesday that the Raptors are on the verge of landing the 2016 NBA all-star weekend.

The article goes on to note that such an event would tie in with the 20th anniversary of the Toronto Raptors, and should indeed it become official, would mean Toronto knocks off Cleveland as the other serious bidder for the event.

Obviously, the All-Star Game would be a HUGE get for the city, but more importantly in terms of the NBA, for the Raptors, a club that with each passing season has found itself more and more irrelevant. The Dinos recently placed in 108th out of 122 teams on ESPN's annual "Franchise Rankings" list.