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Steve Nash Documentary Kickstarter Campaign - Support the Cause!

Let's get this movie made...


Morning fellow b-ball headz, Adam Francis here.

You may remember me from articles such as "How Clutch is DeMar DeRozan," and "The Bargnani Era is Over."

I'm here today to talk to you about a cool little project that deserves our support over at, a documentary about Canadian basketball great, Steve Nash.

Director Michael Hamilton has completed "Nash," a look at how Steve Nash "navigated through the sometimes challenging world of pro sports while leaving a lasting legacy on and off the court."

We know the story of Nash fairly well but this documentary proves to show the Canadian basketball legend through the eyes of various friends and fans...including Snoop Dogg!

Check the trailer:

We'd love to see this badboy released to the world, (calling TIFF, calling TIFF) and the HQ will be making a donation to the cause.

It's projects like these that help to continue the recent phenomenal growth of the sport in our country, so we encourage everyone to contribute anything they can.

We'll see you at the premiere...