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Sunday Poll - Other Than Andrea, Which Former Raptor Pick is the Biggest Draft Disappointment?

Wait, you mean to tell me you didn't think Joey Graham was going to be a mini-LeBron??

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo


It comes in all shapes and sizes from the Christmas gift of tube socks, to being "in queue" for three hours for TIFF tickets, getting through, only for the system to crash (me currently.) And the size of said disappointment is usually related to the expectations involved with whatever it is you're disappointed about.

Expecting 10 per cent off at your dry cleaner and finding out the deal is over? Probably a minor disappointment.

Spending hours online trying to get through the Toronto Film Fest's antiquated ticket-buying process, including a ridiculous "virtual waiting room," only to get the tickets you've been hoping for and have the site not allow you to purchase...

(Sensing a theme here?)

Capping off our Raptors' Flashback Week here at the HQ, today's Sunday poll questions asks about disappointment, particularly around former draft picks, and we want to know which one was the biggest disappointment in your books, in terms of his career and impact on the Raptors.

Not bust.

A bust could simply be a wasted pick, a "Hoffa" type that no one expected to do much anyways. (And for this exercise, we haven't included Mr. Bargnani either.)

But perhaps you thought Remon Van De Hare was going to be a second-round steal? Or that Charlie Villanueva was going to revolutionize the small forward position? Then those indeed would classify as big-time disappointments.

Considering the Raptors' draft history, there's obviously a number of options to choose from but we've grabbed our top ten options as favourites below, but as always, feel free to write in any addition options in the comments.