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Raptors Ranked 22nd Going Into 2013-14 NBA Season by SB Nation Bloggers

With the 2013-14 NBA schedule apparently coming out next week, SB Nation's collective of NBA bloggers take a shot at pre-ranking the various clubs.

Alexander Tamargo

Believe it or not, the 2013-14 NBA Season is about 13 weeks away.

And next week at some point, the season will likely feel even closer than that as it sounds like the NBA powers that be will be releasing the 2013-14 schedule.

But hey, us SB Nation NBA bloggers weren't waiting around for that, and with the dust settling on Free Agency, decided to rank the the various NBA clubs before the season began.

The concept was pretty simple. Just rank the NBA's teams from 1 to 30 and once everyone's vote was in the results would be released based on each team's average blogger ranking.

So here we go, drum roll please...

No surprise, the Miami Heat topped the poll, and were unanimous top picks by all participating bloggers. At the other end were the Philadelphia 76ers with an average ranking of 29.7. This means though that unlike the Heat, they were't a unanimous choice as they were slated as high by some as 27.

Other top choices after Heat were the Thunder, Spurs, Pacers and Clippers in that order.

And at the bottom besides Philly we had the Suns, Magic, Bobcats, Celtics and Jazz.

However not too much further above those basement dwellers were our Toronto Raptors, placing 22nd. Their high point was 18th overall while their low was ten spots lower, at 28 and regardless, it's pretty obvious that the consensus on the club was not an overly positive, nor playoff-bound one.

But as usual on Sundays, we want to hear from you, where do you think the Raptors will finish next season based on their current composition?