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Which Member of the Raptors Do You Expect a Breakthrough Season From Next Year?

On this Sunday, Raptors HQ asks readers which member of the Dinos they expect to bust out next season.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday I posted a little piece regarding's 2013-14 player projections.

While ESPN viewed Kyle Lowry quite favourably, the same couldn't be said for some of the other members of the Toronto Raptors, namely DeMar DeRozan and Rudy Gay.

Certainly, prognostications aren't always correct, and part of the fun of sports is lining up what actually happens over the course of a season, with what you thought would happen. Along those same lines, the articles got me thinking about the expectations of the various members of the Dinos for this coming season, and which,if any, were most likely to surpass them.

For instance while Jonas Valanciunas could make a big leap in terms of productivity, I'd say most expect that from him considering his age and experience, whereas that wouldn't be the case for someone like Amir Johnson or DeMar DeRozan. The latter two players may indeed be pretty much fully formed at this stage.

But perhaps not.

Maybe much like Chauncey Billups, one or both suddenly break out of their shells later in their careers and therefore this Sunday's poll question asks readers just this:

"Which member of the Dinos do you expect a breakthrough season from next year?"

It could indeed be Jonas Valanciunas, or even someone like Landry Fields, who suddenly goes from a major millstone on the team's cap to a starter and key contributor.