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Raptors' Fans Night Out With Raptors Republic and ACC Practice Scrimmage!

Looking to take in a game next season with a whole crew of crazy Raptors fans? Raptors Republic has the deal for you...

Warren Little

Full confession.

I didn't attend a single Raptors' game last season.

Well, not as a "fan" at least. As media yes, but as most of you know, the team's direction made it, shall we say, "challenging," to get out there and cheer on the Dinos.

However this year promises to be different based on the changes Masai Ujiri will be making, and the good folks over at Raptors Republic are looking to facilitate the outing. They're having a Raptors Republic Game Night and would love to get as many fans out as possible for a match against a top quality opponent.

You can read the full details here but essentially, for a hundred bucks, you'll get a ticket valued at $150 for the match (they'll be choosing which one at a later date), AND...drum'll get to scrimmage on the ACC practice court later this month!!!!

But you've gotta act fast.

The offer is only for the first 40 fans that buy tickets so get'em quick.

Again, click here for the Raps Repub full post on the night out, and if you've got any questions, fire them to