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Rumour: Detroit Offers Rodney Stuckey and Charlie V for Rudy Gay

ESPN's Marc Stein is reporting that Detroit have made a pitch to the Raptors for Rudy Gay


So just so we can stomp out this fire.

Detroit has offered Rodney Stuckey and Charlie Villanueva's expiring deals in exchange for Rudy Gay.

On the surface, you probably are laughing your heads off.

I mean, Masai Ujiri second deal is to bring Charlie V back to Toronto after Colangelo traded him for T.J. Ford many moons agao?

Why would the Raptors want to do this, except to tank? Well, tanking, and tanking hard would be one reason. Another would be to shed Gay's massive contract, in theory, since Gay has a $19 Million player option for next year that he would be crazy not to invoke if his play in recent years is any indicator.

The Raptors would also save some money in this deal on a per year basis, although about $800,000 isn't a heck of a lot of change if Gay opts not to exercise his player option.

Talent wise, why would the Raptors do this deal? I don't think they do. Unless they get a boatload of picks, there's very little reason for them to do this.

With Gay coming off surgery, you'd want him to possibly raise his trade value during this season. It's something that the Raptors should probably take a chance on. I mean, he can't shoot worse than shooting blind like he did last year, can he?

So no, I don't think the Raptors go for it, and I think Detroit is just putting out feelers.