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Poll - Which Legendary NBA Big Man Should Raptors Valanciunas Model His Game After?

On this Sunday's offseason poll, we ask which legendary NBA Big Man, Raptor forward Jonas Valanciunas should look to emulate.

Recently on the site, some good discussion popped up regarding Jonas Valanciunas, and what NBA great he should look to emulate.

My suggestion at first glance was Tim Duncan, because of some similar attributes, and a skill set that evoked images of the San Antonio legend. This skill set was on full on display at times during Summer League, where on a few occasions, Valanciunas indeed looked positively Duncan-esque.

Obviously yes, we're talking Summer League here, but the Duncan compare had less to do with Valanciunas' domination of inferior competition, and more to do with the array of moves and style of play he put forth.

However if the Toronto Raptors were to give Jonas some offseason homework, would it indeed be video footage of "The Big Fundamental" that he'd receive? What about other NBA pivot legends like Bill Walton, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Wilt Chamberlain and David Robinson? Valanciunas doesn't exactly have a Shaq-esque frame, or Dwight Howard level of athleticism, but what about the footwork of a Hakeem Olajuwon, or the dexterity of George Mikan?

That's our poll question for today.

Obviously Valanciunas would be best served to learn from an array of NBA legends, but if you were to pick just one for Valanciunas to model his game after, which one would it be?