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Breaking: The Raptors sign D.J. Augustin to a 1 year deal

Getting rid of players to make room for more players, the Raptors manage to get another ex Pacer on their team

All Pacers, all the time
All Pacers, all the time
Andy Lyons

After playing for the Pacers last year, the Raptors decided to go after D.J. Augustin for a 1-year deal, reported at $1.26 Million.

Nope, this isn't going to set anyone's loins on fire.

The former Charlotte guard spent a season with Indy last year that was largely forgettable seeing his production cut in half thanks to reduced minutes.

Rounding out their roster with another point guard was kind of a need for Masai Ujiri, and Augustin comes in having put in a lot of work around the league. Last year, with just over 16 minutes per game, Augustin averaged a 35% Field Goal Percentage, with a 35% 3 Point Percentage.

Toss in 84% from the line and you have a guy who can chew up minutes behind Kyle Lowry if Dwight Buycks doesn't pan out.

Keep in mind that D.J. averaged only 2.2 assists per game and 0.9 turnovers, and he'll be serviceable, if unspectacular point guard.

At the very least, D.J. has experience.