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Raptors Agree to Buyout With Forward Marcus Camby

Bargnani - gone. Camby - gone. Is Richardson next?

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So Linas Kleiza getting hit with the old amnesty clause, that was a shocker.

But are you ready for THIS?

The Toronto Raptors just announced the buy-out of forward Marcus Camby, acquired of course in the Andrea Bargnani trade with the New York Knicks!


No word yet on cost of said buy-out, but obviously it will be a lot less than the $7.5M Camby was slated to make over the final two years of his contract. (Yes, read that again. Ladies and gentleman, the New York Knicks!)

Word on the street is that Camby will get interest from teams like the Clippers and Rockets now, so he'll find himself a cushy landing spot in all likelihood. While Camby would have been a nice veteran insurance piece to have around, he made it clear from day one that he wanted to play for a contender, hence the buy-out.

The buyout puts the Raptors' roster at 13 as of now, so likely some more tinkering is on the way. There are only two point guard options so we can expect another addition, and as we've heard recently this now may or not mean Julyan Stone.

In terms of the team's current "off-season loot situation," I'll turn things over to the Toronto Sun's Ryan Wolstat:


Also, the Quentin Richardson situation will have to be resolved so indeed we'll see if he too is relocated in the coming weeks.

As our man Ben Swanson of "Rufus on Fire" tweeted regarding these amnesty and buyout situations, the Richardson one could go like this too:

Simpsons Bill Gates 2 from Ben Swanson on Vimeo.

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