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Raptors New GM Ujiri to be Officially Introduced This Morning

Let the Masai Ujiri era being.


Officially official.

That's what Masai Ujiri's hiring will be a bit later this morning (11 AM EST) as the Toronto Raptors introduce him as their new General Manager, replacing Bryan Colangelo. Of course it was last Friday that we heard the news that Ujiri would be joining the Raps, leaving his GM position in Denver for a much lucrative offer here in TO.

However the lack of a "public announcement" hasn't kept Ujiri from diving right into the task at hand. Over the weekend he began clearing house, and more changes are expected in the coming weeks. This morning Ujiri may give the media some clues as to what he plans to do with the likes of Maurizio Gherardini as the entire Raptors' front office will be under scrutiny.

This includes of course, current head coach Dwane Casey so it will be interesting to see if Ujiri gives any indications on which way he's leaning regarding the Dinos' coaches. Previously it had been indicated via various reports that Ujiri would be keeping Casey around for at least this season but this morning we may hear something a little more concrete in one direction or another.

From the HQ team, Scott may try and get to the presser but regardless, we'll be keeping an eye on the discussions and tweeting out all media news via