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Slacker Radio Campaign: Skratch Bastid for Resident Raptors' DJ

If the Raptors are going to talk changing culture and re-branding, how about changing the team's in-game music with some help from Skratch Bastid?


So this is a bit random.

SB Nation is running a series of sponsored posts by Slacker Radio, discussing in-stadium music.

While watching the draft on Thursday night at the Barclays Center, I was reminded that the Brooklyn Nets had one of the best resident DJ's around, J. Period (also one of my favourite mixologists.) J. Period is the team's "Music Supervisor," meaning he's responsible for crafting the in-game sound that's associated with the Nets, and if you've ever watched a Nets' game, you can easily hear his impact on the match.

The Raptors have no-such person overseeing their musical selections, which may explain the prevalence of Venga Boys and 2UnLimited at crucial moments.

So for our entry into this Slacker Radio campaign, I'd like to make a plea to Tim Leiweke and co:

Any re-branding talk not only needs to include name and jersey change discussions, but also in-game entertainment, specifically the beatz.

Sure, the current in-game crew at times throws out a gem or two, but if I have to hear the same played-out hip-hop instrumentals when the team is taking the ball up the court yet again this season...well...

Again, the 4 Korners crew has been ok at times, but how about putting in a fixture for games? Toronto has a myriad of talented DJ's to choose from such as Starting From Scratch and Grouch. But how about a little love for Skratch Bastid?

He'd be my hands down choice for the gig as he effortlessly combines classic funk, soul, hip-hop and the odd mainstream jam into a perfect party blend, something I got to see first-hand at his annual barbecue at Steamwhistle Brewery a few weeks ago.

Not convinced?

Check out this sample mix and tell me the ACC couldn't use a good dose of this funk.