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We have Wiggins' thank you, Tristan and the Glove, Nash not retiring, Cory on TSN and the SWNT in Canadian Content

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Andrew Wiggins pens a classy thank you to his adopted community in Huntington, WV, Steve Nash is not retiring yet, Tristan Thompson goes at it with Gary Payton, Cory Joseph talks on TSN, Todd MacCulloch, Warren Ward getting more attention and Syracuse visiting Ottawa in Canadian Content ...

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Tristan goes one-on-one with The Glove and holds his own ...
Tristan goes one-on-one with The Glove and holds his own ...

First we have to plug a great event happening this weekend on the campus of U of T in Toronto ... Denham Brown, Devoe Joseph, Olu Ashaolu + more Highlight 2nd Annual Team Ontario Alumni Game -

Now for a couple of National Program looks and a great start for the SWNT program so far this summer ...



Now for some pro stuff ...

Though it comes out of an ugly situation, the news still is good ... Report: Steve Nash tells judge he has no plans to retire -

Check out Cory Joseph on TSN Radio's 1-on-1 with Duane Watson and Will Strickland ...

Here is a great three part set with Tristan Thompson on OTR with Gary Payton ... OTR: Tristan Thompson & Gary Payton - Pt. 1 - TSN Video ... OTR: Tristan Thompson & Gary Payton - Pt. 2 - TSN Video ... OTR Extended: Tristan Thompson & Gary Payton - TSN Video

And here is a great podcast that features former Canadian NBA baller and current pinball wunderkind Todd MacCulloch ... Episode 28: Todd MacCulloch Former NBA player... |

Now for a few stories from Canada's basketball past ...

Gifted shooter Nora McDermott led basketball dynasty - The Globe and Mail

This is a great story by our man Matt Caputo on a Canadian born lady baller that was reposted online ... SLAM ONLINE | " The Forgotten

Now for a set of NC-Double-Eh bits ...

Syracuse basketball team plans summer trip to Montreal and Ottawa |

Nepean’s Chris McComber chose his existing support network, still received NCAA Division 1 scholarship

Here are some high school stories ...

This has been making the rounds for a few days and it only goes to show how classy a young man Andrew Wiggins is ... Huntington Prep star says thanks - The Herald Dispatch

Bedford boy shooting for his dream - Sports - Halifax News Net

An alarming trend in Ontario ... Hoop scoop: Capital-region basketballers join flood to U.S. prep schools

And last but not least we have the CIS stuff here ...

Man, Warren Ward is making the rounds this time on USA Today ... Warren Ward Taking Unique Route to NBA | HOOPSWORLD | Basketball News & NBA Rumors

U of O’s James Derouin says best players will always go to U.S., but he worries for the rest

Algoma U Thunderbirds add three new players to line-up - LOCAL2 Sault Ste. Marie

Robert Harrison Joins Algoma U Thunderbird Line-Up | Sports | Sault This Week

UNBC hands ball over to Murdoch | Local Sports | Prince George Citizen