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Ujiri Heading Back to the Raptors? Not So Fast...

Sounds like the Denver Nuggets aren't throwing up the white flag on Masai Ujiri just yet...


This is why it's always good to have a Plan B.

Sportsnet's Michael Grange is reporting that the "Masai Ujiri back to the Toronto Raptors" plan isn't quite as automatic as we may have believed prior to the weekend.

From the post:

A source familiar with the situation said that rather than the deal being close it was "far from it" with Ujiri now carefully working through competing opportunities, with the Nuggets having made a determined offer to keep him Denver.

"There has been an offer made, but there's a little bit of a cycle to go through here," said another league source.

And this just makes sense doesn't it?

If the Nuggets indeed were prepared to step up their financial commitment to Ujiri, why would he not at least strongly entertain the idea of sticking around a team that he's had such pronounced success with? Earlier reports were making it seem like Toronto was a done deal, which always seemed a bit strange to me.

So yes, doing the rounds with the likes of Kevin Pritchard and Troy Weaver makes a ton of sense as indeed, the Raps may need to turn to one of them if Ujiri decides to stay put.