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Poll - Who Do You Want to See Replace Bryan Colangelo as Raptors' GM?

While it sounds like the Raptors are closing in on their man, the HQ asks if you're happy with their apparent lead selection.


Based on various media reports, it sounds like by Monday, Masai Ujiri, formerly of the Denver Nuggets - oh yeah, and Toronto Raptors - will be the Dinos' new General Manager.

Originally Yahoo! Sports was the only media entity reporting the move with much certainty, but now we're reading about it from the Denver side of things too.

Which is great news.


Depending on how you view the situation with Bryan Colangelo still around, you're either thrilled that Ujiri returns to TO, or perhaps a little wary of the entire affair.

Or I suppose, not happy with the Ujiri option at all.

After all, many reports also made it sound like the Raptors were chasing Indiana GM Kevin Pritchard, and Oklahoma City Assistant GM, Troy Weaver.

So our Sunday poll question today gets down to the root of things. Who do you want the Raptors to hire to replace Bryan Colangelo?