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Tyronn Lue, Nick Nurse Reportedly Candidates for Raptors Assistant Coaching Positions

The Raptors news just won't stop coming...

Matthew Lewis

So the Toronto Raptors 2013 draft lottery pick is in transition.

And of course, the General Manager position certainly is as well.

Over the wire a few minutes ago came news that the team's assistant coaches, whose contracts are set to expire, may be in transition as well.

It's been rumoured for a while that Toronto was taking a close look at former NBA point guard Tyronn Lue as an option, and via twitter, from the man known as "Woj:"

Boston assistant Ty Lue and Rio Grande head coach Nick Nurse are candidates for assistant coaching job in Toronto, league sources tell Y!

So indeed it seems like the club is zeroing in on this portion of their front office staff too.

However Woj went on to say that Doc Rivers and the Celts are "big believers in Lue," so the Dinos may not be able to pluck him away so easily.

As for Nurse, I admittedly have never even heard the name but you can read all about him via his lovely Wikepedia page.

One final Raptors front office note. Woj also tweeted that today is expected to be D-Day for the Raps in terms of finding out if they have permission to talk to Denver GM Masai Ujiri about the position vacated by Bryan Colangelo.

As the Raptor World turns...