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Raptors Finish 12 in Draft Lottery - Pick Goes to Oklahoma City Thunder

No big surprise here as the Raptors indeed lose their 2013 draft pick as a result of tonight's lottery.


How about them Cavs?

The Cleveland Cavaliers land the top spot in the NBA's draft lottery for the second time in three years as Nick Gilbert does it again, helping his Dad's club grab the top spot.

The Orlando Magic, the team with the best odds at the top pick, finished second, while the Washington Wizards grabbed the third slot, leapfrogging several other clubs to get into the top three.

The poor Charlotte Bobcats again found themselves on the outside looking in, grabbing the fourth slot.

As for the Toronto Raptors, no big surprise as they stuck to their draft lottery ranking, grabbing the 12th slot. This of course means that their draft pick this year goes to the Oklahoma City Thunder via the Houston Rockets, as a result of the Kyle Lowry trade last off-season.

Yes, there are likely a number of folks at MLSE, including Tim Leiweke, currently breathing a sigh of relief...