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Colangelo out, but within arm's reach?

MLSE made a half decision on Bryan Colangelo, but for all intents and purpose, here in Raptorland, it's a new day and change starting at the very top.

Change is here
Change is here
Kinnon Yee

Several reports are out today saying that Bryan Colangelo is now out as a basketball guy at MLSE, but is being "transitioned" into a corporate role.

I'm frankly fine with that.

If MLSE wants to make it look like the past week was about "hey, we like Bryan Colangelo as an exec, but hate his basketball decisions" this makes total sense.

Because at the end of the day, we will have a new direction for the Toronto Raptors.

I've always thought BC to be a really good corporate head who was great at taking deflections from the public aimed at MLSE. When I think about his tenure, the talk had swung quite hard towards putting the spotlight on Colangelo, and removing it from the public scrutiny that was under Rob Babcock.

There's nothing to say that Colangelo has actually taken the deal to a new role, so there still might be more story to play out. For now, it's safe to say that the basketball operations will be run under a different person, and that a lot of the staff will be different next year.

Whether Bryan Colangelo's replacement is a person found inside the organization or from outside remains to be seen.