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D-Day for Raptors, Colangelo?

While it sounds more and more like Bryan Colangelo will not return as President/GM of the Toronto Raptors, fans may be waiting a little longer before getting the final word on the situation.


Is this the day the Office Space episode comes to an end?

Will Raptors' fans finally have some closure on what's been one of the more ridiculous episodes in Raptors' history?

Based on various reports, Monday May 20 was the deadline given for a decision on the fate of current Toronto Raptors' President and General Manager, Bryan Colangelo, but based on how this process has unfolded, who knows if we actually will get a decision today. For one thing, if indeed the team is waiting on Masai Ujiri, his situation with Denver could play out a while longer, and indeed, the limbo will continue.

Which as I've maintained before, is ridiculous, and could get even more ridiculous if the Monday "deadline" passes, and the Raps somehow leapfrog into a top three spot in tomorrow night's NBA Draft lottery.

Oh...wouldn't that be interesting.

Nothing like suddenly having to schedule pre-draft workouts and all of that stuff with a fake GM in charge.

As Doug Smith notes this morning, there may be a lot more house-cleaning than Colangelo if indeed the former Exec of the Year is let go. Marc Eversley, Ed Stefanski and various others are tied closely to BC so if he goes, a number of other dominoes could fall too, leaving the team quite short in the front office department.

So we'll see how this goes.

With the process dragging on for as long as it has, it's hard to fathom a situation where Colangelo is retained in his current capacity that's for sure, and many in the media are now openly advocating a change at the top. To that end, Yahoo Sports! Adrian Wojnarowski just tweeted that The MLSE had been negotiating with Raptors president Bryan Colangelo over weekend on a return in a "significant" capacity...and remains in full pursuit of Denver GM Masai Ujiri to assume control of the Raptors."

So again, while indeed it thankfully looks like a change is going to come, it just may not be today.

Update - Now both Sportsnets's Michael Grange and The Toronto Star's Doug Smith are tweeting that Colangelo will stay on at MLSE, but in a "corporate," non-basketball role. This would be ideal from my perspective as regardless of who becomes the new President/GM, I'd rather Colangelo not be assisting them in any way, other than deciding which players should show up for charity events...