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Maple Leafs Out of Playoffs, Will Colangelo Now Be Out as Raptors' GM?

It's likely a somber day in Toronto with the Maple Leafs losing their game seven match-up to the Boston Bruins in epic fashion last night. But perhaps some solace is on the way?

Victor Decolongon

In the midst of the pain and agony swirling through Leafs Nation last night, a somewhat comical thread emerged.

"Ok, the Leafs are done, now fire Colangelo."

With the Toronto Maple Leafs, the core component of MLSE, being eliminated in dramatic fashion from the Stanley Cup Playoffs by the Boston Bruins, the attention now somewhat swings back to the much lesser-heralded sister team, the Toronto Raptors, and their strange GM situation.

Bryan Colangelo is still the man in charge, but for how many more hours?

There was speculation that yesterday was D-Day for the former two-time NBA Executive of the Year award winner, but with Monday having passed, Colangelo now waits on Tuesday's minutes to tick by, wondering if the end is near.

Regardless of when the decision is made though, I thought this morning would be a good opportunity to poll readers and fans as to what they think the final decision will be.

Will Colangelo indeed resign as some were reporting yesterday?

Will MLSE extend BC for another season?

Or will they look for a new captain to steer the ship out of the murky salary cap waters it currently finds itself in?

Here were some takes from our HQ team on the matter:

Vicious D (Kinnon Yee): Colangelo is OUT! I believe in Tim Leiweke and what he brings, and more importantly, I believe in Bell and Rogers to be shrewd evaluators of people. This madness needs to end.

Scott Campsall: I think Colangelo has his option picked up for the upcoming season, giving Leiweke more time to find a suitable, long-term replacement for the future.

Chris Walder: Bryan Colangelo is going, going, gone! Tim Leiweke should bring aboard someone of his liking to run the ship for the Toronto Raptors, and rightfully so. Bryan had several chances to make something of this team, and while he has made some shrewd moves over the past 10-12 months, the bad has outweighed the good for the most part during his tenure here. Rip it off like a bandaid, and call it a day.

Sasha Kalra: I think Bryan Colangelo is going to have his option picked up and the new guys will take a firm, hard look at him this season. The team's lack of flexibility would hinder his chances here and it will be interesting to see if he tries to acquire a draft pick in the coming weeks. Ironically, this is very similar to the situation around Colangelo last season.

I'm still of the mind unfortunately that MLSE goes the middle route, signing BC to a one-year extension, so you can see that our team is pretty divided on how this will all shake down.

But we want to hear from you folks.

How will the Bryan Colangelo situation end up?