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Raptors vs Bucks Final Score: Dinos Crushed 100 - 83

So much for that three game winning streak. The Toronto Raptors gave what could best be described as a sub-par performance from the jump, down by nearly 30 throughout the match and finishing with a 100 to 83 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Boy did this game get ugly in a hurry. Fuelled by the odd yet dynamic duo of Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings, The Bucks showed why they are playoff bound with an impressive performance over the Toronto Raptors, 100-83. Before we get to the Good, Bad and Meh of tonight's game, I must profess that I did not watch the second half of this game as after playing some NHL 06 on my PS2 during Halftime, I took a nap (By the way if you were wondering, yes, it was awesome! On both the gaming, and napping front). Hey, we're all human right? Any ways let's get to the Good, Bad, and Meh of tonight's performance (well at least what I saw while awake).

  • Monta Ellis was great during the time I was awake. He was masterful on the PnR's, didn't settle for many long two's, and wasn't burned on individual defence like he has been in the past. He finished with 22 points on 5/14 shooting, 2/5 from 3 and 10/10 at the charity stripe. Not to mention the fact that he dropped 9 dimes and had 6 steals. The guy was all over the place tonight. Speaking of which, prior to the All Star Game, Monta Ellis was shooting an eFG of 42.4% and a TS% of 47.4%. Since the All Star break, he's been averaging an eFG of 49.4% and a TS% of 53.1%. Not to mention that his net rating is 2.1 compared to the -0.6 he was averaging pre All Star game.
  • Actually, let me go on about this point. Since Redick was acquired from the Magic, the lineup combination of Ellis/Redick/Dunleavy/Ersan/Sanders has an OffRtg of 116.5 and a DffRtg of 71.1. Now granted that it's their fifth most used lineup and considering that it's somewhat of an odd lineup, those number will probably even out, but still, those are some mighty fine numbers right there. The fact that Monta has been great as the back up PG pretty much for Jennings is another reason why he can be so frustrating to watch at times cause he's a creative passer and is more than capable of running PnR's, especially with a guy like Ersan.
  • Quincy Acy had 13 points on 4/7 shooting to go along with 2 Rebounds, 2 Assists and 2 Steals. I can't recall him making any of those 4 shots, but hey, power to you!
  • Terrence Ross, Quincy Acy and Alan Anderson combined to go 14/25 from the field for 38 points. In fact, the two of them combined to score more points than the starting lineup combined. That's hilarious.
  • I wish TNT does a Bucks playoff game just so I can here Marv Albert go "Luc Richard Mbah a Moute! Yes and the foul!"
  • LARRY SANDERS had 12 Points, 9 Rebounds, 6 Blocks and had a +/- rating of +27. In fact, the lowest +/- out of any body on the starting lineup for the Bucks was Marquis Daniels who had a +/- rating of +14. Good night at the office for the Bucks


  • Nobody on the Raptors starting lineup shot 50% or better in this game. Piggy-backing on this point, the Raptors had 18 Assists on 16 Turnovers while the Bucks had 27 Assists to 15 turnovers. The Raps offence at times is so terribly bad/simple that I'm pretty sure that Dwyane Casey just puts his sets on a piece of napkin.
  • The "Dynamic Duo" of Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan combined to go 7/24 from the field. After hitting 16/30 from mid-range last night at Minnesota, they combined to go 5/15 from that area tonight. This was not a pretty offensive outing from them.
  • I like Matt Devlin a lot actually, but I'm starting to get tired of the whole "We're getting screwed by the Refs" angle he does whenever the refs make an iffy call. Yes the Raps have been screwed out of a few games this yr but come on!
  • I do apologize for actually sleeping through the second half of this matchup. In my defence, I was worn out by winning in OT in NHL 06 on a breakaway goal by Joe Sakic. In case you're wondering how (and I know you are), I had him on a breakaway and did the Datsyukian pull back move on him to win it. NHL 06 might've been the most important game in EA Sports history since NHL 94! I welcome any counter arguments on the comments section.


  • I never noticed this but doesn't Ersan Ilyasova kind of look like Pee Wee Herman?